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Anlagen zur Aufbereitung von Abwasser in der optischen, Glas-, Keramik- und Solarindustrie

Abwasseranlagen für Optik, Keramik, Glas und Solar

In der optischen Industrie, der Glas-, Keramik- und Solarindustrie lassen sich mit Abwasseraufbereitungsanlagen kostspielige Ressourcen und auch die Umwelt schonen.

In the optical industry, glass, ceramic and solar industries waste water is often contaminated with metals and other materials. Further possible contamination of the used waters occur due to oils, acids and alkalis.

Treatment in most cases feasible: Antech-Gütling saves resources and helps to protect the environment

Often the used wash water can be prepared by special methods and even then be reused in the same process again.

With equipment for the treatment of wastewater, rinse and process water can be spared, this operating economically, costly-efficient  and environmentally friendly.

Antech-Gütling completes its portfolio with facilities for manufacturing process waters.

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