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?Ultrafiltration KOMPasep-DE line

Application fields

The KOMPasep-DE series ultrafiltration systems are used for the recycling and disposal of different production solutions and ingredients with temperatures of max. 40°C and low solid contents by means of polymer membranes.

  • Grinding and sawing waste waters in semiconductor production
  • Removal of metal particles
  • Removal of colloidal water ingredients

General process description

Dead end ultrafiltration is a physical separation process. It separates contained solids from the medium. The medium to be separated is introduced into the membrane at a certain pressure (dead end technology).

The filtered substances are flushed out at certain intervals, and subsequently the separation process is initiated again.

The pore size of the membrane is dimensioned so that small molecules, for example water and dissolved substances (permeate), can pass through and the corresponding suspended solids are retained (concentrate).

Description of system

The KOMPasep-DE series systems are constructed as follows:

  • Collecting vessel
  • Prefiltration with coarse filter
  • Dead end ultrafiltration plant
  • Backfeed container
  • Disinfection unit

The operation of these systems is subdivided into the following main steps:
Separation: Filtration with discharge of the permeate
Backfeed: Removal of the separated solids with discharge into the treatment plant
Disinfection: Protection from possibly occurring contamination/fouling


  • Environmentally friendly method
  • Inexpensive operation of the system by reduction of costs for disposal
  • Preassembled plant with functions tested
  • Clear arrangement of the operational and control elements
  • Compact design
  • Within the series, nearly all systems can be expanded with additional modules
  • Modern control concept with central PLC unit

More information:

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