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Wastewater and emulsion processing for the battery manufacturing industry

Battery Industry

In the production of batteries and especially lead-acid batteries, heavy metals containing waste water and rinsing waters are produced.
To do this, the companies in question need systems that can be used to dispose of the wastewater in an environmentally friendly manner and that the recyclable materials it contains can be recovered.
Plants for the production of demineralized process water should also be planned here. 

Within the framework of an optimized process technology, it should also be noted that the resulting waste is reduced and thus disposal costs are minimized, e.g. by alternative treatment concepts to avoid lead-containing gypsum sludges.
Further, by using dead-end ultrafiltration, the quality of the treated effluent can be optimized for re-use, e.g. for complete separation of particles from rinsing waters.

Recycling plants reduce material losses!

Furthermore, there are various ways to minimize material losses and to lead the appropriate recyclables back to the manufacturing process. Apart from the reduction of the loss of material, this also reduces the otherwise incurred disposal costs.

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