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Circulatory system KOMPaion-KIA-line for optimum purity and water quality of ready-to-go wash waters

Application fields

The ion exchanger systems of the KOMPaion-KIA line are used for circulating final washing waters. Here, one of the versatile application fields of ion exchangers is utilized.

Further application fields are:

  • Fresh water desalting
  • Recycling technology
  • Secondary cleaning of treatedwaste water

All ion exchangers have one thing in common: They can only operate in clean solutions. Oils and fats must be kept away. Any contained solid matters (hydrolysis products, dirt) must be removed before the ion exchange.

General process description

The heart of the ion exchanger system is the exchanger resin. The porous plastic spheres are able to absorb dissolved ions from the water and release them again during the regeneration with an acid or lye.

The resins are filled into filter columns and the water to be purified is passed through them.

In the systems of the KOMPaion-KIA line, loading is effected in an up-current and regeneration in a reverse current/down-current.

Description of system

The systems of the KOMPaion-KIA line have the following construction.

  • Collecting vessel
  • Charging unit (double pump station)
  • Ion exchanger system

The exchanger systems of the KOMPaion-KIA line can combine the advantages of a series and a dual train connection. The two cation exchangers are combined in a two-way circuit connected in series with an anion exchanger connected in a dual train. The operation of the system is subdivided into the following main steps:

  • Loading: Removal of ions from the washing water.
  • Regeneration: Reactivation of the active exchanger groups by means of an acid or a lye.


  • Best pure water quality by retention of sodium ion leakage
  • Protection of anion resins from hydroxide precipitations
  • Operationally reliable initiation of regeneration
  • Low investment costs thanks to a simple construction of the pipe battery
  • Modern control concept with central PLC unit
  • Particularly clearly arranged pipe battery without dead volume
  • Efficient regeneration system

More information:

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