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Electroplating / Surface treatment

Especially in the electroplating and surface treatment industry wastewaters incur, which must be treated eminently, need recycling or have to be disposed of on an evironmentally sound way. AGW Antech Gütling's profession is the treatment of metal-containing wastewater from the electroplating and metal surface treatment industry.

Our sewage treatment and recovery of valuable materials for electroplating and metal surface treatment

AGW Antech Gütling specializes in the treatment of wastewater. Whether by ion exchange, electrolysis process, filtration, crystallization or evaporation process - we take care of the reprocessing and recycling of all conceivable process solutions.

Plants for water recycling are just as much part of our portfolio as regeneration systems for process solutions. The recycling of materials, especially precious metals such as gold, silver, cobalt, nickel or tin and zinc are also included in our expertise.

AGW Antech Gütling also offers facilities for the manufacturing of demineralized process water.

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