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Life extension of aqueous cleaners by microfiltration plant type KOMPalox

Application fields

The system serves the separation of oils, fats and suspended solids from aqueous cleaners and thereby essentially contributes to the extension of the service life of the employed process liquid.

  • Degreasing and washing water
  • Frictional grinding water and dispersions
  • Waste water from transportation companies and automotive repair shops

General process description

Microfiltration is a physical separation process. It separates aqueous dispersions and emulsions. The medium to be separated is guided past a membrane at high speed and under a certain pressure (cross-flow technology).
The pore size of the membrane is dimensioned such that small molecules, such as water and dissolved substances, can pass (permeate) and larger ones, such as oils, are retained (retentate).
The filtrate performance depends on the product. During recycling, the separation process basically runs as in the disposal.

Description of the system

The KOMPalox system consists of a sludge and oil separator and a working and rinsing container. The working container is subdivided into two chambers. In the first compartment, oils, fats and settleable substances floating on the surface are separated. The medium to be purified is suctioned from the container and pumped through the module.
During filtration, a continuous cleaning of the membrane surface is accomplished by periodic return pulses with compressed air and backwashing with permeate which is pressed through the membrane against the filtration direction.
Emulsified oils, fats and suspended solids are retained by the module and concentrated in the working container. The oil-free permeate is returned to the process bath.
The concentrated oils and fats must be removed from the working container from time to time.


  • Environmentally friendly process
  • Inexpensive operation of the system and cost savings through recycling
  • Readily preassembled with proven functionalities
  • Minimal assembly costs at the erection site
  • No production interruption
  • Compact, space-saving construction facilitates incorporation
  • At any time the system may be moved to another site
  • Minimum regeneration of the process baths since the detergent substances are returned
  • Wide application field by variation of the employed membrane types
  • No temperature restriction due to the use of special steel and ceramics

More information:

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