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Solutions for every field of industry - AGW Antech Gütling GmbH

AGW Antech Gütling GmbH offers many different water and wastewater systems for a vast variety of industries, e.g. affordable and reliable solutions for wastewater treatment, recycling of rinse waters and the production of process waters.

Cost effectiveness, environmental protection and compliance with statutory provisions: everything under control with AGW Antech Gütling.

The latest water treatment methods involve not only an economic advantage, they also help to fulfill legal requirements for the disposal of waste waters and to protect the environment.

Our combination of the highest expertise with a wide range of products is the perfect match for the industrial challenges of our customers. Antech-Gütling delivers and offers solutions to al industry needs, be it in the electroplating industry, electrical industry, renewable energies or the automotive industry.

AGW Antech Gütling is your reliable on-site consultant

AGW Antech Gütling sees itself not only as a supplier of wastewater treatment plants and accessories, but also as your on-site consultant. Case specific and thorough advice is the basis for successful concepts and of course, the effective implementation of complex systems in the field of water technology.

Our core competencies are the treatment of metal-containing waste water, recycling and treatment of rinse water as well as the preparation of process water for diverse segments of industry.