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Ion exchanger technology - AGW Antech Gütling GmbH

Ion exchanger plants

Ion exchanger units: filtration systems for the treatment of industrial wastewaters.

The applications of ion exchangers at a glance

Circulatory system KOMPaion-KIA-line for optimum water purity and quality of wash waters

Ion exchanger for the recycling of wash waters ensure optimum quality of pure water manufacture. Wash waters are purified by the removal of ions and the subsequent reactivation of the active exchanger groups. The slip sodium is retained, thereby ensuring a very high purity of the water.

KOMPaion-SAT-line: filtration systems for the clearing of treated wastewater

The clearing of treated wastewater by filtration plants provides you with the best waste metal removal. During the subsequent cleaning of the treated wastewater, the pH can be adjusted for optimum utilization of the capacity of the ion exchanger resin.

KOMPaion-MER-line: metal recovery from wash and waste water

The use of KOMPaion-MER-line provides excellent metal recovery from wash and waste water. In addition, we also use the ion exchanger  for the conversion of chloride-containing solutions in concentrated metal sulfate solutions. In the multi-stage regeneration phase of the ion exchangers produce a highly concentrated metal salt solution.

KOMPaion-VEA-line: reliable and cheap desalination of process water

Equipment for the production of deionized water (DI water) from tap water, rinsing or wastewater. The retention of these ion exchangers provide best quality of pure water and is a reliable and convenient system for demineralization of process water.

Retardation plant KOMParet: life extension of etching and anodizing baths

Retardation plant for longer tool life and less waste in etching and anodizing baths. They improve efficiency by recycling the retarded process baths.

Chromic acid recovery by cation exchange ReKat

Our cation exchangers allow the recovery of abducted chromic acid by waste metal removal. They also offer the economic enrichment of the acid concentration, for optimum utilization of chromium and etching baths.