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AGW Antech Gütling Laboratory service assesses the suitability of new plants for day-to-day use

The AGW Antech Gütling GmbH has its own laboratory service to ensure already in the conceptual stage, that wastewater and process water plants are perfectly adapted to the operational requirements of customers. This is where chemists and engineers work to find a suitable combination of different hardware components and the correct formulations for effective chemical additives.

During the conceptual phase the chemists work with small amounts of wastewater supplied by the customer (between 30 and 1000 litres). They begin by conducting a detailed analysis – using current methods such as photometry as well as pH and redox measurement.

Purification of wastewater samples with model plants

They subsequently purify the wastewater samples using model plants. During this process it soon becomes evident whether a membrane or vaporiser system would be suited to the respective wastewater purification task. If required, the laboratory service will conduct further tests using ion exchanger technology or electrolysis to recover metals from industrial effluent of customers in the most effective way possible.

Through the extensive preliminary tests, the customer can be sure of one thing from the start: the finished plant will fulfil its function perfectly right from day one, in compliance with legal provisions while operating effectively at the same time.

Ion exchanger plants: laboratory service ensures improved metal recovery results

The laboratory service of AGW Antech Gütling also offers analyses of the so-called resins used in ion exchanger plants. These granules, which have an average diameter of 1.5 millimetres, bind dissolved metals in wastewater – however, they lose their effectiveness over time. Regular resin analyses ensure improved results in metal recovery and help the customer to comply at all times with the statutory limit values.

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