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KOMPaion-MER-line: metal recovery from wash and waste water

Application fields

KOMPanion-MER plants are systems for recovering metals from metalliferous waste waters. The recovered metals are then used for converting chloride-containing solutions into concentrated metal sulphate solutions.

The systems can be employed for the following types of water.

  • Rinsing waters from static rinses
  • Rinsing waters from pre-rinses
  • Concentrates, these must be treated together (diluted) with the rinsing waters.

Peroxide containing rinsing waters must be treated in advance. In barrel electrolysis, optimal conditions are created for the liquid exchange due to the constant circulation.

General process description drum electrolysis plant

The partial flow of the rinsing waters with the metal to be recovered is collected separately. The collected rinsing waters are pumped through a two-step ion exchanger plant. The resin of the ion exchanger columns is nearly completely loaded. After loading, regeneration is started.

In multi-step regeneration, where the regenerating acid is used repeatedly, a metallic salt solution that is as highly concentrated as possible should be generated.

Description of system

The plants of the KOMPaion-MER line have the following construction:

  • Filtration stage with sand filter or cartridge filter.
  • Ion exchanger stage, 2 columns with cation exchanger resin
  • Regeneration stage

The ion exchangers are operated in a so-called two-way circuit connected in series. After regeneration, the system automatically switches the freshly regenerated ion exchanger to the second point.

The operation of the system is subdivided into the following main steps:

  • Loading: Removal of ions from the rinsing water.
  • Regeneration: Reactivation of the active exchanger groups by means of acid


  • In the recovery of copper, the generated copper-sulphate solution can be de-copperized by electrolysis. The copper-reduced regeneration acid can be reused in the regeneration of the ion exchangers.
  • Low investment costs due to a simple construction of pipe battery
  • Modern control concept with central SPC unit
  • Particularly clearly arranged pipe battery without dead volume

More information:

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