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Our history - AGW Antech Gütling GmbH

Environmental protection - right from the start!

On October 01, 1962, the young graduate engineer Walter GÜTLING founded an engineering office for the construction of industrial wastewater plants in Stuttgart-Feuerbach. He was already firmly convinced that it was time to develop processes for the treatment of industrial wastewater and to offer it to the industry. He wanted to stop the catastrophic contamination of our surface waters. With this conviction, he was one of the pioneers of wastewater treatment and was to build up his company GÜTLING over the years with qualified specialists, engineers, chemists, physicists, traders, production technicians, plastics engineers and fitters. The first years were a difficult undertaking - it was to meet the lack of interest and the lack of official provisions with patience and idealism. No one doubts today that active environmental protection is a necessity, indeed a survival issue, for future generations.

Manfred Anders, founder and namesake of the company ANTECH - another pioneer, worked since 1969 in the house GÜTLING as a process specialist. His hobby was the technique of optimizing the ion exchanger. In the following years he had first the technical management, then the sales management. In 1989, with enough experience and ideas, he founded ANTECH, based in Korb.

From more than 73 years of experience in wastewater technology - in two companies - a lot of know-how has to be learned. As a result, both companies merged in 2012 under a privately managed management that still exists today.
Even today, we develop and manufacture wastewater treatment and process water plants as well as sustainable recycling systems with the concentrated knowledge of both companies, from which our customers have benefited ever since.

Therefore, you know AGW Antech Gütling with the brands "GÜTLING" and "ANTECH" in chemical-physical wastewater treatment, as well as a strong service business as a reliable partner in industrial wastewater treatment.

So we are also in the future a reliable partner in all questions of industrial wastewater treatment!