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React flexibly and promptly to legislative changes - with AGW Antech Gütling

Wastewater and process water plants are designed for long lasting application. Statutory regulations on the other hand are constantly changing: for example, when public authorities stipulate stricter limit values for the metal content or other ingredients in wastewater, many plants quickly reach their limits.

In order to prevent this problem, AGW Antech Gütling offers its customers plant extensions. Technicians visit the company, analyse the existing system and make proposals for the modernisation of process technology together with hardware and software. Since the technicians deal continually with the current legal situation, the customer is on the safe side. The modernised and updated plants fall below the statutory limit values clearly and permanently.

Wastewater plant must keep pace with expansion of production

Plant extension at an early stage is also meaningful for companies which are expanding production. This is because increasing production also means increasing amounts of wastewater so that through time the wastewater plants reach their capacity limits.

Sales engineers and service technicians from AGW Antech Gütling advise your company – for example, when performing maintenance work. In close cooperation with the customer, specialist engineers, if requested, will then develop a plant extension that prevents the wastewater plant from becoming a bottleneck in the production process.

Touchscreens and co: plant expansion offers an opportunity for modernisation

Plant extension also gives the customer an opportunity for modernisation. This is because modern touchscreen displays have now replaced the traditional LED illuminated circuit diagrams. Modern software-based control systems as well as efficient measuring and regulation technology enabling more precise chemical dosage, have been in existence for quite some time. This leads not only to material saving but also to fewer breakdowns and generally longer plant life cycles.

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