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Retardation plantKOMParet: life extension of mordant and anodizing baths


Retardation from AGW Antech Gütling -
user-friendly, reliable, high-quality components!

The company AGW Antech Gütling in Fellbach has revised its plant program for the reprocessing of anodizing baths. In the future, two series of retarder systems will be available. KOMParet type A (Antech) and KOMParet type G (Gütling).

Thanks to the new, user-friendly control, it is possible to conveniently adapt the mode of operation with production. Up to 4 anodizing baths can be worked up one after the other. The bath switchover function is automatic. Single baths, bath sequences, weekdays at which the execution of the bathing sequence should start, are entered by the operator. Likewise, the work-up can be started according to the sequence of baths by a signal from the anodizing unit.

The operational safety of the systems is achieved by the improved operating concept and high-quality components, such as Simatic PLC with 7 "HMI and FESTO valve terminal.

Type A (Antech) is equipped with E + H radar level probes, as well as a classic proven technology with measurement tank. Type G (Gütling) is an ultra compact version with reduced footbrint and E + H flow meter.

Application fields

KOMParet systems can be employed for:

  • The extension of the service life of caustics on the basis of hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, sulfuric acid and hydrofluoric acid. The efficiency highly depends on the present acid/metal combination.
  • The extension of the service life of anodizing baths by the separation of aluminum from sulfuric acid. In combination with a separate disposal of the alkaline aluminum caustics, a considerable degree of waste avoidance can be achieved in favor of a reutilization of substances.

General process description

KOMParet systems contain ion exchanger resins. However, no ion exchange, e.g. as in a circulation installation, but a retardation process takes place.

The caustic or etching solution is passed from the bottom to the top through the column. In the process, the free acid diffuses into the resin and is retained or retarded there. The saline solution, however, passes through the resin and exits at the head of the adsorber.

If the resin is loaded with acid, the direction of flow is automatically reversed and the adsorber is charged with water from the top to the bottom. In the process, the free acid diffuses into the water and is – depleted from salts – returned into the process bath.

Description of the system

The KOMParet series systems have the following construction:

  • PLC control
  • Prefiltration
  • Retardation system
  • Storage tank and pumps

The operation of the system is subdivided into the following main steps:

  • Loading: Removal of the free acids from the saline solution
  • Regeneration: Recovery of the free acid
  • System control via measured flow rate


  • Saving of neutralization chemicals
  • Compact design
  • Saving of acid consumption
  • More uniform composition of solution
  • Continuous filtration of the solution
  • Consistent conditions in the process bath
  • Low number of required operators
  • Employment possible in multiple baths

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