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Our water conditioning products

Many factors determine the optimal cooling water quality of a cooling system. The measures needed to adapt water quality to operational requirements must be considered on a case-by-case basis. AGW Antech Gütling’s water conditioning service differs from its competitors particularly through its ability to respond to such questions with qualified chemical engineers and laboratories.

Our water conditioning specialist Marc Garbe M.Sc. gain meaningful insights into the situation through the evaluation of water samples and plant assessment. He subsequently develop a plan for measures to be taken which if necessary can be coordinated with maintenance activities.

As circumstances require, we recommend the following:

  • Water additives
  • Water maintenance and metering systems
  • Filter systems

Our recommendations are based directly on longstanding experience in plant construction.

Water binds lime and other minerals and is an ideal environment for algae and bacteria. This can have a negative effect, particularly on the cooling water cycle. Corrosion, germination and calcification of the cooling water are harmful to operations and safety. These problems are counteracted by adding special chemicals so that cooling water quality is maintained and operation is protected.

The AGW Antech Gütling water conditioning service determines your specific requirements with regard to chemicals as well as dosage systems which automate the adding of substances.

You can order the following water additives from us