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AGW Antech Gütling Software engineers develop an optimal plant control system

In many companies, wastewater treatment and process water plants are operated in a three-shift system, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In such a closely synchronised process breakdowns are irritating and incur immediate costs. Therefore an efficient control software system is needed together with reliable hardware components.

This is where AGW Antech Gütling’s highly-qualified software engineers, with decades of experience, come into play as developers of control software systems which they adapt to individual customer requirements. The result: the control software ensures that plants function optimally and processes are precisely executed even under years of extreme pressure.

Control system outdated? Engineers carry out modernisation

Wastewater plants are designed to work over decades. The problem, however, is that over such long periods of time, many components undergo model changes, providers cease to provide support and after some time discontinue the supply of spare parts for older components. One example is the S5 control system from Siemens which is deployed in numerous plants from the 80s and 90s. If this system breaks down, good advice is costly and downtimes often much too long.

It is therefore advisable to replace control systems at an early stage. If requested, software engineers from AGW Antech Gütling can be of help. They visit customers at their premises, analyse requirements, make a proposal for an optimal follow-up control system and install this system even during ongoing operations.

Touchscreens & co: modernisation of the visualisation system

Not only control systems change over time; visualisation technology has also made substantial progress in recent years. Whereas in the past luminous circuit diagrams were the norm to display the state of pumps, valves and other components with coloured LEDs, the trend nowadays is displays and touchscreens. These visualise individual production processes much more precisely and even deliver statistics which help to optimise processes in real time and can thus save money.

Customers no longer willing to do without these advantages can bring their visualisation up to date with the help of AGW Antech Gütling. Together with hardware conversion, the software engineers also adapt the software to the company’s needs.

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