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AGW Antech Gütling - Our systems, processes and solutions

Wastewater treatment

Batch systems for small amounts of wastewater. Flow plants for wastewater streams, compact clarifier for optimum sludge conditioning, sedimentation.

Wastewater treatment

Before the wastewater is discharged into the sewerage system, it must be processed according to legal regulations. To achieve this, chemical-physical treatment processes are utilized.

Ion exchanger plants

Ion exchange plants are used for the recycling of rinse water, metal recovery and for the selective treatment of wastewater.

Ion exchanger technology

Ion exchanger systems are employed for the circulation of rinses, for metal recovery and for the selective purification of waste waters.

Membrane filtration

Membrane filtration for recycling and cleaning of process solutions, washing water or emulsions.

Membrane filtration

Ultrafiltration systems are used to purify water that has been contaminated by emulsions and cleaning water.

The recovery of valuable materials, regeneration and life extension of process solutions.

The recovery of valuable materials as well as the regeneration and life extension of process solutions is an important part of sustainability and resource conservation.

Recycling methods

The recovery of valuable substances and the regeneration and service life extension of process solutions are an important issue when it comes to sustainability and resource management.

Manufacture of process water.

Process water systems, including the necessary accessories for the preparation of pure fresh water to the manufacture of process water.

Process water treatment

In many manufacturing areas, fresh water must be processed into process water. For this, we offer ion exchangers and reverse osmosis plants including all accessories.


Evaporator systems operate within a capacity spectrum of 6 - 10,000 liters distillate/h. They are employed in the most diverse industries where concentrating aqueous solutions is needed. Here, the recycling of water is the primary focus.