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AGW Antech Gütling Training courses get employees fit for plant operation

Software engineers from AGW Antech Gütling are continuously striving to design plant control systems in such a way that operation of the system is as intuitive and easy to learn as possible. Nevertheless, each individual wastewater or process water plant is a complex system with which each operator initially needs to gain experience. The problem is that it is not unusual for experienced employees to abruptly quit and the company is left with the difficulty of training their successors.

AGW Antech Gütling wishes to support companies with employee qualification (according to ISO certification) and for this reason offers training courses at its headquarters in Fellbach near Stuttgart. Here company employees learn about the correct operation of the plant and the sustainable and safe use of wastewater chemicals. Using case studies, they also learn how to deal efficiently with breakdowns and incidents, so that in the event of an actual emergency, they are able to react competently and thereby reduce downtimes.

Individual training courses strengthen individual employees

AGW Antech Gütling also offers individual training courses for employees who, in the familiar surroundings of their own company’s premises, are taught by experts methods and tricks for more effective day to day working. This pays immediate dividends for the company because professional operation of the wastewater and process water plants reduces the consumption of chemicals. At the same time there are fewer breakdowns and less plant wear and tear.

Environmental protection managers become familiar with the current legal situation

The seminars at AGW Antech Gütling’s premises are also of interest to a company’s environmental protection managers who, for example, can obtain information about the legal situation and the current statutory limit values for wastewater. In addition, guest speakers from universities and representatives from industry are regular participants at the seminars, giving lectures on the latest trends and technical innovations which help companies achieve greater efficiency.

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