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AGW Antech Gütling: Sale of chemicals and operating equipment

AGW Antech Gütling is a distributor of all commonly used chemicals required for the operation of wastewater and process water plants. These include scale inhibitors which protect pipes, pumps, tanks and filter columns from gypsum and limescale deposits. The programme also includes bactericides which fight microorganisms, fungi and algae as well as odours caused by the formation of sulphide and nitrate deposits. These bactericides can also be used in ion exchangers, gravel filters and ultrafiltration systems.

Flocculation aids are also indispensable in physical-chemical wastewater treatment. Together with optimally clarified water, the flocculants cause a fast sedimentation rate and easily dewatered sludge. Antech-Gütling’s portfolio also includes exchange resins for recirculatory systems, selective exchangers, DM plants, acid retardation systems and anti-foaming agents for evaporators. In our own laboratory chemicals are continually optimised and adapted to the respective legal situation.

Adapt chemicals to the production processes in good time

Chemicals are deployed in all wastewater and process water plants. Their effectiveness, however, may deteriorate if the consistency of the wastewater changes as a consequence of production conditions. This slow process can cause a company to slip into a zone in which the legal limit values of specific substances in wastewater are suddenly exceeded and which would therefore render the company liable to prosecution.

On-site service

It is therefore important to monitor the chemicals of the wastewater plants when production processes change. Upon request, this task can be carried out by technicians from AGW Antech Gütling who collect on-site wastewater samples and conduct experiments with alternative formulations. In this way, in cooperation with the customer, we can find the best solution for optimal wastewater treatment, which not only complies with the statutory requirements but is as economically feasible as possible.

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