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AGW Antech Gütling - Chemical water additives protect cooling systems from corrosion damage

Untreated cooling water is an excellent environment for bacteria, microorganisms and algae. This can have serious consequences for cooling systems as corrosion damage occurs through time and threatens operational safety. Therefore operators should take chemical water additives into consideration at an early stage.

Qualified chemical engineers support customers with optimal water quality

With its so-called water conditioning service, AGW Antech Gütling supports operators of cooling systems. Qualified chemical engineers analyse water samples from customers’ plants to determine which water additives are needed to achieve optimal water quality for the respective operating situation. The programme includes, among  other things, different corrosion inhibitors, biocidal products and cleaning agents for closed and open cycle systems.

Optimal water additives retain plant value

Our chemists develop water additives that are optimally adapted to the conditions of the individual plant. In parallel and if required, operators receive advice about suitable dosage systems which add the substances to the water automatically. It is therefore ensured that cooling water is permanently free from bacteria and microorganisms.

The individual combination of the correct water additives has several advantages for the customer. The removal of the risk of corrosion damage increases the operational safety of the plant. At the same time its value is retained – with reduced service and spare parts costs. The environment also benefits: AGW Antech Gütling is a proven specialised company according to Article 19, Water Resources Act, whose purpose is the protection of natural waters. 

Your benefits:

  • Greater operational safety
  • Retention of plant value
  • Reduction of service costs
  • Protection of the environment

On the following pages you will get an overview of our range of water conditioning products and services.